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We work with you to ensure that your people are capable and well
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A champion in Procurement gets better pricing, lowers risk, accesses greater discounts, increases supplier innovation and improves their supply chains. They know how to sell.

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Solutions that aim to loosen the indirect spend stranglehold, increase synergy across business units and access the value chain. Transformation made possible.

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Generic technologies can impose limitations on your business because they’re not developed with your specific requirements in mind. Find your technological best fit.

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Leading organisations use Procurement
to deliver competitive advantage.

The problem is, in Procurement we can be perceived as
"red tape" compliance pushers! Ask yourself ...



  1. To what extent does your organisation collaborate with its suppliers and support supplier development?
  2. Do you share a seat at the boardroom table?
  3. To what extent are you involved in managing spend?
  4. To what extent is a strategic view of supplier relationship utilised when awarding business?
  5. Is your team delivering sourcing projects on time?




Learn how to deliver QUICK results, RECOVER delinquent projects,
MINIMISE supply risks, BUILD capabilities, TACKLE tough spend and GAIN MORE GROUND.



Comprara’s preferred TRAINING
STIMULATES new thought, RESOLVES skill gaps
and PROPELS you forward!

Stimulate thinking in your team for greater impact and maximised results.


Unlike the typical classroom style of learning, Comprara’s training is practical with theory made tangible. We are determined that what you learn on Friday is still remembered on Monday and is therefore applied in your workplace. Gain more ground.


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Training is classified into three levels: Introductory, intermediate and advanced. Access training via individual workshops or for maximum results, a program tailored for you.

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The MOST popular training courses.



Negotiation Essentials

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Stakeholder Influencing & Management

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Category Management

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Contract Management

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Supplier Relationship Management

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"Ben and the team at Comprara have been incredibly useful and reliable in helping transform the Procurement team at Melbourne Health. Four years ago, we were a reactive and transactional team, and engaged Comprara to conduct a skills assessment of the team. The assessments and the analysis of the results provided by Comprara enabled us to develop a capability uplift program, a change to our team structure, and a reset of our customer value proposition. Today, we have a team that is capable of delivering a strategic sourcing program of projects. We will continue to work with Comprara as we evolve and mature into a category management function"

Jim Kirkup, Director Procurement & Supply Chain, Melbourne Health



"Hi Antonia and Ben...Thanks for running the session on Wednesday. It was really positive and we achieved the target outcome much quicker than I anticipated. We very much appreciated your input and support".

Mathias Fuchs, Chief Procurement Officer, Boral Limited


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