Feeling confined to a technological straitjacket?

Does your technology have limitations because it simply wasn’t developed with your business in mind?
Are these functions the 'ideal fit' for your requirements?



Stop being a slave to the tools - start mastering them.

Comprara practitioners are absolute masters of eSourcing techniques and tools across categories, geographies and disciplines.


How we can help you?

  • Training for the technology you already have to make sure it’s fully leveraged.
  • Access our sourcing experts with experience in over 1250 eSourcing events.
  • Get more ‘bang for your buck’ from your existing technologies and tools ensuring you gain your return on the investment you have made.
  • We help you to use 100% of the capability that is 100% applicable for you in your environment.


Our technology consultants understand the real world of procurement and offer expertise in eSourcing and toolkits to help you achieve results faster.





Technology should invigorate new thinking and stimulate boundless ideas.

Comprara offers proprietary ‘smarts in a box’ – solutions that are prebuilt and ready to use TODAY!



With our online eSourcing Systems buyers can unleash the 'smarts' built into each product to efficiently engage with and measure their own supply markets.


This is your opportunity to introduce sourcing technology with the key benefit of providing faster ‘time to market’, meaning more sourcing events completed each year and MORE SAVINGS hitting the bottom line FASTER, plus:

  • Improved stakeholder participation in sourcing events
  • Increased visibility of sourcing activity
  • Improved process compliance
  • Reduced probity risk
  • Reduced environmental footprint through online interrogation of the market.

Comprara’s Solutions

Tools that come packed with perceptive algorithms, unparalleled processes and savvy end-results that have you looking good!



Comprara QuickStart

Gain instant access to the power of eSourcing and online negotiations with this light, easy-to-download set of tools that you can use straight away!


No integrations, no downtimes - just get on with the job!







Comprara FullSwing

Designed and managed by strategic sourcing professionals and built from years of experience in global and Australian markets, Comprara gives you all the benefits of eSourcing, eRFx, Reverse Auctions and Contract Management in a simple-to-use and cost-effective solution.


  • Source management
  • Auction management
  • Contract management





Comprara Spend Classifier

Comprara provides the ability to perform complex analytics on all data. This includes but is not limited to:


  1. Comprehensive data manipulation and queries from Structured Query Language (SQL) and other data manipulation and scientific computing software.
  2. Provide data manipulation via standard propriety software IASTA, Spend Classifier
    • Data Cleansing and cleanup prior to analysis
    • Statistical analysis
    • Provide visualisations (eg dashboards, graphs, charts) of findings
    • Curve fitting and curve extrapolation
  3. Cross referencing with industry based standards (eg United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® UNSPSC®)
  4. Text Analytics


All results are presented in an easy-to-interpret visual format so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist!





Comprara technology partners are carefully selected to offer YOU even more tools to get the job done!

Comprara technology partners have been selected based on their internal 'smarts' to expand your toolkit, fitting your needs, your budget and delivering what is promised.


Our partners are:



Selectica helps growing companies sell complex deals with ease. By combining best-in-class technology focused on strategic sourcing, business intelligence, spend analysis, and supplier management with leading contract management solutions, Selectica and IASTA together, better positions you to manage business relationships and deliver on the ROI critical for enterprise transformation.

Iasta Classifier

A new software application for classifying large quantities of data in multiple files. With Iasta Classifier users can:

  • Manually create hierarchical classification rules based on UNSPSC
  • Normalise and group suppliers
  • Import data sets and classification rules
  • Auto-suggest classifications. The software can ‘suggest’ classifications for data, based on previously classified data. The software detects similarity to previous classifications and a user can manually accept or reject the suggested classification.
  • Review, re-order, edit, and remove rules
  • Save rules and apply them to data refreshes for clients
  • Propagate rules from the ‘parent’ domain to any ‘child’ domain
  • Import data sets
  • Export cleansed data sets
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