Audit &

Suspect that areas of your
operation is leaking?
Make it air-tight with an audit, and
better governance controls.

Improvements through audit

Governance is less about the mechanics and more about the dynamics.
Contracts do not belong in the bottom draw.

Although it seems the hard work is done once contracts are signed, it’s not. The terms of the contract need to be operationalised – and made real for stakeholders and suppliers alike. 

Yet, it doesn’t always happen this way. People come and go, conditions change. What was agreed may be overlooked… until a problem emerges. It could be small like spend leakage or order splitting and sometimes more serious, like fraud. Proactivity in your audit and compliance is the way to minimise such risks.

Comprara is the Lead Reviewer, Auditor and Accreditor for various programs. In this capacity we make an expert assessment of the procurement function. We focus on how an organisation can improve its controls, practices and processes around delegations and authority. We look for risk and recommend resolution. 

Take action to keep your operation air tight.  

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Comprara acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal owners of country, recognises their continuing connection to land, water and community and pays respect to Elders past, present and future.