Fulfilling ‘savings targets’ is just the
beginning of the journey, it’s not the destination.

The truth is, the procurement function is justified by delivering significant PROFIT IMPROVEMENTS to your organisation.



Implementation of Procurement Functions

When sales can’t deliver, procurement can. Saving 1% from your annual spend will deliver the same impact on your EBIT as increasing revenue by 20%. That’s impressive.


CPO’s hold influence over ‘purchasing decisions’ and ‘strategic decisions’ and deliver a range of innovative ideas from global reaching sources. This influence requires collaboration and development of new capabilities – where the delivery of value is high and risk exposure is reduced and mitigated.


This sustains competitive advantage helping your organisation gain more ground in the marketplace.




To achieve outstanding procurement outcomes
let’s add some serious horsepower!

Define > Measure > Analyse > Improve > Control



What sets you apart?

We start by defining the purpose of your organisation and describe what sets it apart from others in your industry (or sector). With this unique proposition we create a clear and practical procurement strategy that delivers an outline of your project objectives and describes how to ‘squeeze out’ the value.

Visualise your destination

Developing a clear picture of what you want your future position to look like is critical to this exercise. This ‘picture’ charts the course of how you get to where you want to be. By applying business specific process maps and definitive modelling, Comprara’s skill is clarifying and delivering the optimisation of your existing business function.

Now add the ‘horsepower’

Finally, we define forward behaviours and equip your team with specific training and tools to ensure that each individual stays on track and delivers the results attached to their goals. As your official ‘tracker’, these results are measured and functions improved on progressing your path to gaining more ground.


Ask yourself, what does GOOD look like?
Then, what does GREAT look like? Okay, let’s achieve that!

Appointed by CPO’s, Comprara delivers quick results, recovers delinquent projects, minimises supply risk, builds capability, tackles tough spend and gains more ground.



Procurement Managers ask yourself ...

  1. Do you share a seat at the boardroom table?
  2. To what extent are you involved in managing spend?
  3. To what extent is a strategic view of supplier relationships utilised when awarding business?
  4. To what extent does your organisation collaborate with its suppliers and support their development?
  5. Is your team delivering sourcing projects on time?


These questions are resolved by Comprara everyday and we'll show you how you can get there too.



Specialist consultants with operational experience to rally your organisation.

For GOOD results CPOs lean on ‘top tier’ management consulting and hands-on line management. If you put the two together, add the knowledge and education of world leaders who are accomplishing it and balance this with a practical strategy for your organisation – you will quickly experience GREAT results.


Capabilities that extend across a range of industries, technologies and categories.

Experienced practitioners bringing first-hand understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with rallying an organisation and ultimately, achieving great results.


We deploy experienced teams of experts in their field, who have worked in the industry as senior professionals. Our team is hands-on, deeply involved in the business and most importantly, effective decision-makers.


Effective sourcing, proven processes.

By utilising effective sourcing and purchasing strategies, proven processes and the latest technologies, Comprara will lower your organisations overall costs associated with Acquisition, Operations and Management.



  • Quickly quantify, share and manage impacts on key financial measures and ratios
  • More spend 'under management'
  • Reduction of 'maverick' spend
  • Increase ROI on downstream sourcing activities and Category Management processes
  • Drive Inventory and Supplier Relationship/Risk
  • Fast, flexible, repeatable spend data extraction
  • Global spend visibility
  • Accurate, detailed, consistent, timely views of spending
  • Spend views that keep pace with business and market changes
  • High user adoption with minimal training
  • Increased procurement productivity and effectiveness
  • Consistent alignment of work activities with top-line business objectives
  • Increased stakeholder buy-in and compliance
  • Quick and easy opportunity identification and prioritisation
  • Effortless integration of spend data with external market information
  • Empowered spend category managers data enrichment
  • Guaranteed results
The fastest way to gain ground in the procurement race.

Helping these organisations to gain more ground!

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