Ever wondered what ‘good’ looks like?

Talented Procurement teams, achieve BETTER pricing, LOWER risk and, access GREATER discounts. They INCREASE supplier innovation and IMPROVE their supply chains.

Our People Services first seek to understand your strategic direction, uncover the skills gap between 'current' and 'future' states - before finally applying an extensive 70-20-10 approach to resolving the gaps.






1. Skills Gap Analysis

Procurement Assessment Solutions

On offer are a range of Procurement Assessment Solutions designed to measure, benchmark and analyse capability sets.


Each assessment provides a distinct insight and discrete lens for viewing an individual's expertise set. Together the assessments expose powerful data to support you in transforming your team into one of acumen, commercial nous and superb behavioural competence – the team that can cope with any eventuality and confidently deliver your strategy for the future!


Review your skills today and find the gaps! www.skillsgapanalysis.com






2. Access Training

30 dynamic workshops, 230 knowledge videos,
16 specialised facilitators (FCIPS, MCIPS).


Compara directors were responsible for designing, developing and deploying the CIPS’ first Corporate Award worldwide. Since then Comprara’s team have delivered scores of CIPS Corporate Awards, tailored Corporate Academies, Workshops, Coaching and other up-skilling interventions. On offer to Procurement Professionals is a range of options designed to increase your understanding in one or more areas of procurement and supply, from introductory though to advanced material.

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