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Too many suppliers. Uncoordinated spend. Limited visibility on spend across multiple sites. These are hardly uncommon issues in many larger organisations. The challenge is not in defining the problem but in knowing where to start in sponsoring a coherent suite of solutions. Our client issued an RFP for an eCommerce solution and support in implementing the solution. Their need was to select the best combination of service provider and solution that would together realise the potential benefits from the business case.



We partnered with IASTA and were selected by our client for offering the best solution. We deployed the IASTA solution for better visibility on spend and secured better outcomes from the spend portfolio. This required taking a holistic view of the implementation as one of a change program. We partnered with our client to ensure the benefits would continue to flow once our engagement was complete.



The implementation of eSourcing solutions does not always realise the anticipated benefits in the business case. The benefits can be overstated, or there can be undue optimism for ease of realisation. In this case, we made sure we understood our clients expectations of us and, we leveraged our insight into both technology and change management to plan and execute a successful roll out. Our client got the benefits they were expecting in terms of spend visibility, cash releasing benefits and reduced cycle time. The lesson learnt is technology is often part of a suite of solutions in a transformation project, but code and boxes do not, by themselves, combine to deliver better outcomes. Talented and experienced managers and pragmatic processes also need to be part of the mix.




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