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Our client wanted to engage with their members in such a way as to not only add value for their stakeholders but to also position them as a 'provider of choice' for a range of training solutions that they had to offer. The members of this professional body are highly motivated in developing their careers, and their employers recognise the need to invest in capability. The diagnosis and fulfilment of those needs were two separate processes that occurred quite independently from each other.



We engaged with the client and workshopped their capability framework and mapped their training solutions against it. We then created a diagnostic tool for the organisation's members to assess their individual capability against the peak body's. Not only did the online solution create a business scale for targeted personal development addressing the member's specific needs, but the solution also automatically generated a series of potential interventions. These included work based development initiatives and development through mentoring and coaching initiatives, matching the member's needs with the most appropriate training solution from within the organisation's own portfolio of training solutions.


The online solution was launched and within weeks had gained traction with the organisation's members. They had a simple tool to profile their personal development needs and prioritise the most relevant solution for their individual stage of career development. Additionally, the tool provided relevant feedback and directions for closing any skill gaps identified to further develop capability. Amongst the solutions offered are a range of potential training interventions. The member is able to use this feedback as a vehicle for discussion with their manager over their personal development plans. Importantly, our client, a membership body, has conspicuously supported its members with a value-adding solution and enhanced the value of their own portfolio of training solutions. The lesson learnt is that simple solutions can be the best option and, the appropriate alignment of people, process and technology does result in better outcomes.




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