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The client's (relatively small) organisation needed to manage its spend portfolio effectively, although their scale meant they were not large enough to fund a dedicated procurement position. The stakeholders needed support managing the procurement process, as many were only involved in it once or twice a year at most and had limited expertise in how to run an effective project. Of course, the client's organisation as a whole also needed to achieve value for money from their limited funding.



Rather than appoint a full-time procurement post, at quite a junior grade, the client approached us to resource an on-demand procurement service. We provide support as-and-when needed for projects and navigate the stakeholders through the procurement governance framework. Because we have a team of professionals with diverse category expertise, we can match the resource to the complexity of the project.



The 'pay-as-you-go' solution means that the client can engage support as they require. The relationship has grown as we have built trust with the stakeholders concerned. The projects have delivered the outcomes that the client desired, and the cash releasing benefits achieved have exceeded our fees for the service. The phrase 'win/win' can be overused but in this case the client is receiving a positive return on their investment in procurement, and we have continuity of engagement. The lesson learnt is that risk and reward remuneration schemes have their place, and when the goals of the client and the provider are aligned there are good prospects for a sustainable relationship being forged.




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