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The client is at the heart of a centre-led action network and is sponsoring the development of capability across a variety of independent business units. Previous attempts to benchmark procurement capability had foundered as a result of a perceived lack of credibility of the central team for diagnosing maturity and correctly identifying development opportunities.  Put simply, the stakeholders did not accept the outcomes of previous review processes.



We were engaged by the client to review and implement a benchmarking framework. We initiated a pilot project, involving an in-depth review of a business unit's procurement governance framework and procurement strategies, as well as stakeholder interviews across a range of levels.  A workshop was then conducted with targeted stakeholders attending, where we raised issues that had been identified as part of the review process. We designed this process to engage with key stakeholders specifically, to secure their support for accepting and actioning the issues being raised.



The pilot was a success.  The key stakeholders accepted the review outputs and agreed to a schedule of action, over a specific timeframe to address the areas requiring development. The 'road map' for action was created around a realistic view of the workload involved over a period of 36 months, and prioritised accordingly, to ensure key stakeholders not only accepted the feedback, but further, committed to the development actions required. The program was subsequently rolled out across the entire organisation until every business unit had developed their own 'road map'. The lesson learnt was that feedback that is not accepted will not lead to change; shared acceptance of the need for change and a commitment to act on a development plan will lead to success.




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