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The Procurement Manager recognised that there were a number of barriers to developing the role and contribution of the procurement team. There were numerous issues around status, stage of involvement, capability, organisational recognition, measures and role perception. The challenge for many managers in commencing a 'transformation' program is where to start.



We were commissioned to profile the team's capability using a number of diagnostic tools, including the Category Management Challenge and the Skills Self Assessment. Diagnosing capability was chosen as the first step in order to identify the strengths and development needs of this team. This enabled the Procurement Manager to report to their Head of Department, the profile of the team, in order to gain support - and funding - for subsequent development interventions.



The results indicated that the procurement team's knowledge of the procurement process was below average, and in some cases, in the lowest quartile of all respondents on our database. Opportunity Analysis was a key need highlighted, suggesting the team members were not familiar with how to be pro-active in exploring potential alternatives to the way they were working. Using the feedback, the Procurement Manager developed a business case to secure funding for development initiatives for the team. The opportunity was for them to build on their strengths and receive support to address their needs, which has 'kick started' the development of the procurement function. The lesson learnt is that change programs must start somewhere and if there are no 'burning platforms', raising awareness of the potential benefits from investing in procurement capability is a practical first step.




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