5 Steps for a Robust Contingency Plan

Contingency plan

The modern supply chain is a beast, operating on a ‘just-in-time’ basis at a large scale. This fast and loose style works well when things are going smoothly and predictably, but when disaster strikes – like a pandemic – the vulnerabilities can no longer be ignored. The best way to…

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6 Tips for Supplier Risk and Performance Management

supplier risk and performance management

The common thought is that COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses in our supply chains. The reality, however, is that most organisations have been dealing with significant unforeseen vulnerabilities and disruptions for at least the past decade. The word to focus on in that sentence is ‘unforeseen’. Admittedly, there are some disruptions…

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What makes a successful cross-functional team?

A rocket achieving success with cross functional teams

They promised much but, too often, delivered little. Cross-functional teams seemed to be the answer to complex projects, cutting through bureaucratic tape, promoting collaboration, and putting an end to separate departments chasing their own goals, often to the detriment of other functions within the same organisation. Unfortunately, they haven’t always…

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Procurement Strategy for an Unpredictable World

A person thinking about procurement strategy

The future of procurement strategy is data driven. In fact, it should already be a reality in your organisation. I don’t believe this is something I have to convince you of. We all accept it. My question is: are we actually using data correctly? Do we really understand what data…

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The New VGPB policy is a Massive Opportunity – if you do it right

Let’s agree on one thing: the new VGPB goods and services policy looks daunting. It’s unlikely that many VGPB expansion agencies will be currently compliant with it and getting there is a complex and sometimes confusing process. However, there’s no denying the benefits this policy can bring to your organisation….

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2021 Has Put the Spotlight on Supply & Contract Management (and it doesn’t look good)

Nothing is more pressing right now than getting a handle on your supply & contract management. Given that supply & contract management is such a fundamental part of any business, this might seem a ludicrous statement; surely everyone has sorted out their supply & contract management hygiene by now? Short…

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Want Responsible and Resilient Supply Chains? Wise Negotiation is the Key

Let’s be blunt. Negotiating with large enterprises is not the same as negotiating with small businesses. More specifically, we cannot apply the same risk management standards to a small company that we can to a larger one. It’s a pickle, because we want small businesses to be a part of…

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Commercial Acumen: Knowledge Acquisition vs Strategic Decision Making

A man in a boat being guided by a lighthouse towards commercial acumen

It is claimed that Churchill asked his advisors to distil the issues that he needed to consider in order to make a decision onto a single piece of paper. The reality for many of us is that we are often drowning in a sea of data, and yearn for reliable…

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The Category Management Playbook: The Procurement Bible Your Organisation Needs

Category Management Playbook

We need to change our perception of procurement. For too long, it’s been synonymous with red tape and roadblocks. When people think of procurement, they think of a lumbering, complex, process-heavy beast that slows everything down. But that’s procurement done wrong. Procurement is meant to make life easier and more…

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5 Best Practices in Supply Chain Resilience

A chain held together by rope, indicating supply chain resilience.

The world is a riskier place. Before COVID hit, companies expected to see disruptions to their supply chains lasting one to two months every three-and-a-half to four years, interspersed with several shorter-lived hiccoughs. This grim outlook reflects two realities. One, the climate is warming and serving up more frequent, more…

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