Procurement Challenges Facing CPOs

A chain with a weak link, and text asking how resilient is your supply chain

Travel to Australia is down by 60% due to COVID-19. It’s just one of the many blows to the economy caused by the pandemic. This unprecedented drop in GDP is leading to a potentially seismic shift in how procurement is viewed and how it can make organisations across Australia more…

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5 Auction Types You Should Consider in Procurement

5 auction type

Just last year, we published a blog outlining the value of a particular auction type: the reverse auction. It listed 5 benefits, which included: Lower purchasing costs through increased competition The potential to gain better savings than a present ‘target’ amount Time savings through a reduced negotiation phase Increased ability…

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Supply Chain Risk Management: How to Spot Potential Failures

A woman wearing a mask, a Hong Kong protester and a kangaroo trying to escape bush fires all lead to supply chain risk

We live in turbulent times. In the first seven months of 2020, we’ve had bush fires, mass unrest leading to protests in Hong Kong and the US, rising tensions with China that have seen government manufacturing incentives move elsewhere, and, most disruptive, the COVID-19 pandemic. And there’s still five months…

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Negotiation Approaches in Procurement – 4 Key Tips

A man wearing a crown, proud of his negotiation approaches in procurement

The new financial year means new contracts, but are you ready to negotiate? Here are my top tips for negotiation approaches in procurement. Don’t be afraid to walk away You should always be prepared to walk away, no matter how much you’ve already sunk into the negotiation. Don’t get me…

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What part can procurement play in kick-starting the economy?

Melbourne is in lockdown. Again. Many are asking, ‘How did we get here?’. The answer is multifaceted and, unfortunately, procurement played its part. The Conversation recently published an excellent article on the role procurement had in Melbourne’s clumsy hotel quarantining, including its influence on the troubled private security industry. We…

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Voice Activation & Bot Purchasing: Welcome to the Future of Procurement

Back in 2016, Gartner predicted that “About 30% of searches will be done without a screen by 2020”. The following year, Oracle suggested that a significant portion of the sales executives are either already using chatbots or planned to use them by 2020. Well, it’s 2020, so how did these…

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The 6 Key Skills You’ll Need to Support Business Recovery Post-Pandemic

Life used to be simple. There were blue collar workers and white collar workers. You either wore denim to the factory or starched and pressed whites to the office. Now, though, the coronavirus lockdown has introduced a “new” collar. The pyjama shirt collar. When we begin to leave lockdown, some…

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In the Post COVID-19 World, Skill Mapping is More Important Than Ever

Skill mapping will show what skills you're missing

Skill mapping is a data-driven strategy that can help you navigate your company to more effective employees and better outcomes. Reflection is a luxury most cannot afford. Routines become ruts, which we follow day after day without deviation, never stopping to think because we simply don’t have the time. However,…

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Business Continuity: How Will Your Business Cope When Disaster Strikes?

Man in trouble because he didn't have a business continuity plan

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many festivals and events. In some cases, permanently. Wimbledon, however, will live on, due in no small part to their pandemic insurance. The losses from this year’s cancelled tournament will be covered by a payout of $226 million. That’s some mighty handy risk…

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Supplier Relationships: Don’t Get Swept Off Your Feet

A not so successful supplier relationship

Choosing a supplier is like choosing a life partner. The wise decision means you’ll have a loving, supporting companion who’ll stick with you through sickness and health until death parts you. The wrong choice leads to a bitter divorce or, worse, a loveless marriage that you stick with because the…

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