The Key to Forging Long-term, Successful Relationships with SMEs

We need more participation from SMEs and minority-owned businesses in public procurement; the benefits are simply too great to ignore. With infrastructure spending at all levels of government set to remain strong for the coming years, there’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. But how serious is the government about…

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Compliance Reporting: The Data Suite Series – #3

The third edition of our Data Suite series takes a deep dive into organisational compliance, why you need it and how to manage it. Maverick spending is a problem. For some organisations, it accounts for up to 80% of total spend. To get on top of it, though, you need…

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Commercial Acumen: Knowledge Acquisition vs Strategic Decision Making

A man in a boat being guided by a lighthouse towards commercial acumen

It’s claimed that Churchill asked his advisors to distil the issues that he needed to consider in order to make a decision on to a single piece of paper. The reality for many of us is that we are often drowning in a sea of data. We yearn for reliable and…

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Get to Know Your Business with a Commercial Business Review

External spend can typically run from 30 to 70 percent of a company’s total expenditure, depending on the industry. It’s a staggering amount – but it’s also an opportunity. This level of expenditure can be used to transform a business by not only reducing costs, but by achieving competitive advantage…

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Data Categorisation: The Data Suite Series – #2

The second edition of our Data Suite Series takes a look at data categorisation and the benefits of developing a procurement taxonomy. Data categorisation. It’s what every procurement team wants. It’s the next stage after a spend analysis, and it’s where the presentation of data starts yielding really useful and…

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Open vs Closed Tenders: the Benefits & the Downsides

Which tendering process is right for what you’re trying to source? Choose wisely – the wrong path can put you in bed with the wrong supplier, which always leads to unwanted ramifications for the broader business.  There are, obviously, many steps to the procurement process, but none more important than…

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What Is a Procurement Spend Cube?: The Data Suite Series – #1

It’s not about what you have; it’s how you use it. Anyone can collect data, but more and more organisations are struggling to visualise it in a manner which leads to actionable insights. If you want to see your spend data clearly, you have to put it in a spend…

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5 Ways Procurement Can Expand Your Business

Expand or die. It may seem like a brutal ultimatum, but it holds some truth when it comes to the business world. Organisations, like the universe, cannot stay still: they expand or they contract. That’s it. If you want to keep operating, you have to keep growing. But this growth…

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4 Steps to Address the Skills Gap

narrow the skills gap with Comprara

The pandemic was a torture test for the procurement industry, applying immense pressure and exposing considerable fault lines. 86% of respondents to a McKinsey survey believe they are currently facing significant gaps in procurement capability directly as a result of COVID-19. More broadly, 87% of companies say they are facing…

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4 Vital Criteria of Supplier Selection

Few things have more impact on a business than supplier selection. Who you work with and where you source your materials and resources determine your future success. This isn’t only about providing a product or service that performs as needed, but about what it took to create it. Price is…

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