In the Post COVID-19 World, Skill Mapping is More Important Than Ever

Skill mapping will show what skills you're missing

Skill mapping is a data-driven strategy that can help you navigate your company to more effective employees and better outcomes. Reflection is a luxury most cannot afford. Routines become ruts, which we follow day after day without deviation, never stopping to think because we simply don’t have the time. However,…

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Business Continuity: How Will Your Business Cope When Disaster Strikes?

Man in trouble because he didn't have a business continuity plan

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many festivals and events. In some cases, permanently. Wimbledon, however, will live on, due in no small part to their pandemic insurance. The losses from this year’s cancelled tournament will be covered by a payout of $226 million. That’s some mighty handy risk…

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Supplier Relationships: Don’t Get Swept Off Your Feet

A not so successful supplier relationship

Choosing a supplier is like choosing a life partner. The wise decision means you’ll have a loving, supporting companion who’ll stick with you through sickness and health until death parts you. The wrong choice leads to a bitter divorce or, worse, a loveless marriage that you stick with because the…

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Are You Implementing e-Learning Correctly?

Are You Implementing e-Learning Correctly?

The global health crisis and the subsequent rise of remote work have revealed a truth that many tech-savvy entrepreneurs already knew: e-Learning is the future.

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Buying from SMEs: The Key Considerations

A range of SMEs, which can stabilise your supply chain

Considered by some to be the weakest link in any supply chain, SMEs might just be the stabilising factor we need in what’s shaping up as a turbulent decade. For a few years now, I have contributed an article to Sue Barrett’s annual “12 Sales Trends” report. For the 2020…

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COVID-19: Transforming the Procurement Landscape

Procurement in the era of COVID-19

Working From Home memes have gone to a new level since the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them focus on the lack of work being done when the boss isn’t around to look over our shoulder, which is one reason why companies have been loath to embrace the work from home…

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Bridging Supply Chain Gaps in the Time of COVID-19

Big red truck in a shipyard maintaining supply chains

As logistics professionals struggle to come to grips with the new normal, technology steps up and provides potential solutions for bridging the widest pandemic gaps.

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Sharing Procurement Wisdom Through War Stories

Team helping each other through shared wisdom

COVID-19 has turned many events on their head. Birthdays, anniversaries, even a walk in the park seem strange, discombobulating activities. And ANZAC Day 2020 hasn’t been spared. The moving, sombre atmosphere shared with hundreds of silent, fellow Australians at the Dawn Service isn’t to be, and it feels like the…

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Comprara has a new leadership team!

Milan Panchmatia has been named as joint Group CEO and will work alongside current Founder & CEO Ben Shute at procurement consultancy Comprara

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Digital Alignment: The What and the How

Woman from procurement communicating with a colleague

A lack of communication kills many things. From relationships to profit margins, misinterpretation and silence can lay waste to nearly all aspects of human life. It’s frustrating, because it’s fixable. Failed IT projects account for $14 billion in losses every year for the world’s biggest 500 companies, and it’s all…

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