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Meet Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers


  • Bachelor of Arts in Organisation and Management Studies (Honours)
  • FRSA

  • Executive Coach,
  • Human Resources Specialist,
  • Stakeholder Influencing and Leadership


Paul is Comprara’s Director – Consulting. Paul delivers solutions, services and tools to organisations in both the public and private sectors. Paul uses the experiences gained over more than thirty years and in more than thirty countries and his background includes a rich experience in management consultancy as well as being a Program Director for a BSc (Hons) in Organisation and Management Studies. His practitioner roles include various buyer and category management roles beginning in 1981 and, procurement leadership roles beginning in 1994. Paul has played a key role in the design and calibration of the internal ‘logic’ of Comprara’s smart solutions, ensuring they measure the right dimensions, are calibrated appropriately to accurately predict capability and, ultimately on-the-job performance. Paul has a proven ability to coach and support both individual CPO and their teams and has led many significant negotiations in public and private sectors. Paul has a proven ability to not only define but also demonstrate ‘what good looks like’ and to support others to improve their performance. This applies to both ‘hard’ procurement content and ‘soft’ interpersonal skills.


“Paul presented to my Sales Team sharing a buyers approach to procuring services and some key procurement strategies utilised across industries. Paul’s insight into the Procurement & Sales relationship was incredibly valuable.”

– Fabian Calle, Senior Director

“I’ve witnessed Paul teach and present many times, I’ve read his work and published articles, and I’ve been influenced by him tremendously because of his expertise and skill.”

– Phil Weir, Procurement Advisor

Articles authored by Paul Rogers

Want Responsible and Resilient Supply Chains? Wise Negotiation is the Key

Let’s be blunt. Negotiating with large enterprises is not the same as negotiating with small businesses. More specifically, we cannot apply the same risk management standards to a small company that we can to a larger one. It’s a pickle, because we want small businesses to be a part of…
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Sharing Procurement Wisdom Through War Stories

Team helping each other through shared wisdom

COVID-19 has turned many events on their head. Birthdays, anniversaries, even a walk in the park seem strange, discombobulating activities. And ANZAC Day 2020 hasn’t been spared. The moving, sombre atmosphere shared with hundreds of silent, fellow Australians at the Dawn Service isn’t to be, and it feels like the…
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Procurement… is no war story: Tacit Knowledge and In-house Learning

A group of businessmen and women discussing strategies

Procurement… is no war story! Not all memes involve cats playing the piano. Paul Rogers explains how war stories can be used to share tacit knowledge and promote in-house learning. Let’s start with a story about the Vietnam War. The average age of the US combat soldier was 23, compared…
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Stakeholder Management: Getting Executive Buy In

Group of businessperson.

Getting ‘executive buy in’ is one of the most commonly discussed factors which ultimately affects the success, or otherwise, of a project. How can the message be put across effectively when finally the doors to the ‘C- suite’ open, and we are ushered in to meet the ‘very important top…
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