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Articles authored by comprara

7 Keys to a Successful Reverse Auction

Reverse auctions

Reverse Auctions are a great way to generate significant cost savings. According to CNBC, companies are typically saving 10 to 20% by using reverse auctions, but I’ve also seen others quote savings over 30%. However, it’s got to be done right. So, how do you run a successful reverse auction?…
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The gig economy and contingent workers – the new normal

The gig economy

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “workers in the gig economy”? Uber drivers? Freelancers working through apps like Fiverr and Airtasker? Maybe you’re old school and still think of “gigs” as something musicians perform. Yet gig workers are everywhere, including in corporate boardrooms. Marketing consultants, data…
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5 Auction Types You Should Consider in Procurement

5 auction type

Just last year, we published a blog outlining the value of a particular auction type: the reverse auction. It listed 5 benefits, which included: Lower purchasing costs through increased competition The potential to gain better savings than a present ‘target’ amount Time savings through a reduced negotiation phase Increased ability…
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The Holy Trinity of Procurement Skills

3 Procurement Skills

There’s a joke among engineers that new grads lament not taking more maths subjects during their degree but, as they progress, rue not improving their communication skills. Procurement professionals don’t have the luxury of hindsight. From day one, our ‘soft skills’ make or break us. According to the Ikaros community,…
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