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Meet Benjamin Shute

Benjamin Shute
Benjamin Shute

Founder and joint CEO

  • FCIPS, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment

  • Category Management, Social procurement
  • Maximising Your Leadership Potential
  • Negotiations and Supplier Relationship Management
  • Procurement Transformation and Data analytics


Ben is the CEO of Comprara – his vision is to support clients to ‘gain more ground’. Ben leads the Comprara team who deliver services, tools, training and technologies to organisations in both the public and private sector.

Every service accelerates clients efforts to deliver more with the same, or the same with less. Ben was rated in the top 35 of under 35’s by ‘Supply Management Magazine’ and ranked as one of UK’s rising stars (2005).

Ben has held distinguished roles including Head of Sourcing Strategy for Ericsson in the UK and Head of Procurement Practice for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS).

Comprara works with ASX 200 companies (including some of the largest organisations in Australia and New Zealand) giving clients insights into how well they are performing against others and in the context of their own unique strategies. With insights gained and roadmaps developed your capacity will grow to do ‘more with less’ or ‘more with the same’.


“Ben is a highly professional, extensively skilled procurement and sourcing specialist with an uncanny ability to keep things simple and focussed. I encourage anyone to discuss sourcing needs with him, whether it be for a small enterprise or multinational business.”

– Duncan Munro, Director, Operational Innovation

Articles authored by Benjamin Shute

Business Continuity: How Will Your Business Cope When Disaster Strikes?

Man in trouble because he didn't have a business continuity plan

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many festivals and events. In some cases, permanently. Wimbledon, however, will live on, due in no small part to their pandemic insurance. The losses from this year’s cancelled tournament will be covered by a payout of $226 million. That’s some mighty handy risk…
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Supplier Relationships: Don’t Get Swept Off Your Feet

A not so successful supplier relationship

Choosing a supplier is like choosing a life partner. The wise decision means you’ll have a loving, supporting companion who’ll stick with you through sickness and health until death parts you. The wrong choice leads to a bitter divorce or, worse, a loveless marriage that you stick with because the…
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Buying from SMEs: The Key Considerations

A range of SMEs, which can stabilise your supply chain

Considered by some to be the weakest link in any supply chain, SMEs might just be the stabilising factor we need in what’s shaping up as a turbulent decade. For a few years now, I have contributed an article to Sue Barrett’s annual “12 Sales Trends” report. For the 2020…
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COVID-19: Transforming the Procurement Landscape

Procurement in the era of COVID-19

Working From Home memes have gone to a new level since the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them focus on the lack of work being done when the boss isn’t around to look over our shoulder, which is one reason why companies have been loath to embrace the work from home…
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